Do you remember your first summer job?

This summer, hundreds of high school students across the country will participate in C-CAP’s Job Training and Internship Program where they will gain hands-on work experience. Through this experience, students will build a solid foundation for future employment. We need your help so C-CAP students around the country can learn important skills that set them on a path to pursue a fulfilling career. Support C-CAP’s Job Training Program today!


Creating a Future

Through culinary training, career advising and scholarship opportunities, C-CAP works to break the cycle of poverty and empowers our students and alumni for success from their first day on the job throughout their entire career.

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C-CAP has an incredible system in place that, through education and training, prepares underserved youth for careers in the professional world of culinary and hospitality. The program is also a huge benefit to the growing market and chefs looking for skilled and motivated talent.

Marcus Samuelsson
Chef/Restaurateur/Author, Marcus Samuelsson Group
C-CAP Board Co-Chair

Our Impact

3.2 million disadvantaged youths in the U.S. between 16 and 24 are not in school and do not have jobs.

As the restaurant and hospitality industry continues to surge, with a forecast of 1.7 million new restaurant positions by 2025, there is an overwhelming need for trained, hard-working and dedicated staff. C-CAP's unique programs prepare students for successful careers in this industry.
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Our Programs

C-CAP is a curriculum enrichment program linking public high school culinary teachers and their students to the foodservice industry. Our various programs work together to help prepare students for college and careers in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Alumni Profiles

Cesar Gutierrez

“Without C-CAP, I think I probably would have been dead. Without their guidance, I think I would have gone back to my old lifestyle. They’ve been a part of my family.”

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Lasheeda Perry

“I took full advantage of countless opportunities from C-CAP and was given the chance to do the unthinkable.”

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