MiKell Tso

C-CAP Arizona Alum Spotlight


MiKell Tso is a 2016 C-CAP graduate from Chinle High School who earned The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill Scholarship as well as a C-CAP Education Scholarship after competing in the C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships. She is currently attending Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia for Pastry Arts.

MiKell shares, “I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and awards that C-CAP offered me two years ago and I am still grateful for their continued support as I start my career.” She also shares that without the support she received from C-CAP, she isn’t sure she would have made it to Philadelphia for her education and all the amazing experiences she’s had so far.

Recently, at The Variety Children’s Charity event entitled, “Let Them Eat Cake,” MiKell and a fellow pastry student at Walnut Hill decided to compete in the event’s annual wedding cake competition featuring local pastry chefs and students. In keeping with the event’s theme “in the jungle,” she and her partner created a banana crunch cake with a peanut butter ganache filling that depicted “Mother Nature.” They showcased a much skill as possible with this cake, from gum-paste flowers to a cascading fondant waterfall and a chocolate face sculpture. In the end, MiKell was happy with their result, but even more thrilled to find out they had won First Prize in the Best Student category!

MiKell states “I am very proud that I participated in this event with no previous cake decorating experience, aside from what I had learned in school. I gained a lot of knowledge putting myself through this and learning hands-on. C-CAP empowers people to follow their dreams and they gave me the confidence to win this prize!”

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