Jasmine Johnson

C-CAP Chicago Alum Spotlight









Jasmine Johnson graduated from North Grand High School in 2010 and was awarded a C-CAP Scholarship to attend Johnson & Wales University. Upon graduation, she started her journey in foodservice with Shake Shack in Boston, MA. In 2016 she was contacted by a former boss in Chicago with the Hogsalt Restaurant Group, who offered her a position as an Assistant GM for one of their yet to open fast/casual restaurants.  Missing Chicago, Jasmine took the position and helped to open Small Cheval in October 2017. We can’t be happier to have Jasmine back in Chicago and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes with Hogsalt and Small Cheval!

“When I was in high school, C-CAP was my Sears Tower. Coming from a place where things didn’t look too promising growing up, I always told myself, ‘no matter where I’m at I can see the Sears Tower.’ The Sears Tower was symbolic of a better place when it seems like nothing’s there, so in a way, C-CAP became a Sears Tower for me. Without my C-CAP scholarships, I would have had to work my way through a community college studying something I had no interest in while living at home. C-CAP gave me the opportunity to have a complete college experience while majoring in something I was passionate about with others that shared my interest. Not only that, practicing for competition gave me the skills to excel in school and at work. I also have an amazing network that I have C-CAP to thank for. Winning a scholarship to a four-year university gave me even more options. I didn’t have to settle for an Associate’s Degree and I took advantage of that. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University at the top of my class with two degrees, an Associates in Culinary Arts, then I continued and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service and Beverage Management. Because of the opportunities I had through C-CAP, my resume was amazing and I was able to be in a position to start my career as a manager immediately after graduating. Just three years later and I’m the Assistant General Manager of a brand new restaurant on Chicago’s riverfront, and I’m only looking up. I am very grateful to be where I am now, and I’m even more grateful that C-CAP gives this opportunity to people like me that have no other way to do what they love. I know they can see the Sears Tower, too, and that’s an amazing thing.”

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