Jess Haywood

C-CAP Philadelphia Alum Spotlight


Jess with C-CAP President Karen Brosius

Jess Haywood is a Philadelphia alum who graduated from Delaware County Technical High School: Folcroft and is about to finish up her third year at The Art Institute of Philadelphia (AI). Jess received a full tuition scholarship through the C-CAP Cooking Competition for Schoalrships and is studying Culinary Management at AI.

Jess always loved watching the cooking network and it inspired her to enter this industry. When her home high school gave her the option to enroll in a technical school she was overwhelmed with joy. In 10th grade Jess started culinary classes and fell in love. One of her favorite aspects of cooking was the fact that she could just throw ingredients together and it would become a dish expressing her creativity. Jess was always a good student, but says she sometimes got overwhelmed learning different topics. However, at tech school she said it all “clicked” and what she learned made sense.

According to Jess, she strives to be the best she can and even though she is a doubtful person, she has learned to love herself and the work she does. She credits C-CAP with helping her learn much of her skills today and thanks the organization for the scholarship that has put her through college.

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