Antoinette Hicks

C-CAP Philadelphia Alumni Spotlight


Antoinette “Toni” Hicks is a high school graduate of Swenson Arts & Technology High School and current student at Drexel University studying Food Science, thanks to a Drexel University transfer scholarship she received through C-CAP. When she’s not studying for her classes at Drexel, Toni is working on the line at fellow C-CAP alum, Chef Sylva Senat’s restaurant Maison 208 and lending a hand at every C-CAP student event.

Toni got into cooking thanks to her courses at Swenson High School. Her chefs showed her how delicious food can be when you make it yourself and the reward of sharing it with people who appreciate it. According to Toni, she wasn’t very good in the kitchen, but seeing her progress day after day made her want to stick with this industry.

Toni credits C-CAP with showing her her full potential in the kitchen. The programs offered, including competition, helped her perform better in the classroom and motivated her to become as successful as previous C-CAP students and alumni. Toni says, “C-CAP will help get me where I want to be because of the amount of opportunities that are provided, like being able to travel, working alongside awesome chefs in the industry, and meeting other students that have the same goals.”

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