Isabel Castro

Los Angeles Alum Spotlight


Originally a C-CAP student in Los Angeles, Isabel Castro is an alumna on the move! Under the instruction and mentorship of Chef Stef Kelly at Carson High School in Carson, CA, Isabel found a passion for food and cooking that led to her graduation in 2015 and transition to Denver where she attended the Art Institute of Colorado. After graduating with her Associate Degree of Applied Science in Culinary Arts, Isabel wanted to take on a new adventure and moved to Austin, Texas. There, she has built a career as a food stylist, where she’s been able to use her C-CAP knowledge and culinary background to create food as beautiful as it is delicious!

Isabel’s greatest motivation for her professional and academic career has been her family. As a child of a family of twelve brothers and sisters, Isabel is the only one to graduate from college. This has been encouragement for her to continue pursuing higher education, and she recently accepted the opportunity to get her Bachelor’s degree at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

“I am setting an example for my six younger siblings. They saw me applying to Drexel and asked, ‘Didn’t you already go to college?’” Isabel is excited to show not just her family, but her colleagues, former teachers, and C-CAP community that there are no limitations to what is possible for a student with a vision of their future!

Isabel will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Culinary Arts & Science as a transfer student for the 2018-2019 school year, and she plans to focus on Food Science in an effort to strengthen her career as a Food Stylist. Although the transition to travel east to Philadelphia was initially difficult, she is ecstatic to grow from the experience and gain more knowledge as an expert of food and the industry. Isabel’s diverse experiences have prepared her to tackle anything that comes her way, and we know she will go far in all that she pursues. Congratulations and good luck, Isabel!

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