Shi Lin Wong

New York Alum Spotlight


Shi Lin knew she wanted to be in the food industry around the age of 14, when she started at Food and Finance High School. There, she found true joy making food for her teachers, friends, and eventually family. She describes that even as a teenager she intuitively felt that, “If food and cooking are your thing, go for it, expand your knowledge and learn everything you can.”

During her junior year, Shi Lin’s mentor, Chef Michael Lynch, introduced her to C-CAP and the following summer she became involved in the job training and internship program, where she was grateful to learn soft skills like professional etiquette and communication, alongside hard skills like knife cuts and ingredient identification. At the end of job training, C-CAP connected her to her first internship at Park Avenue Summer, where she was able to learn the ins and outs of the garde manger and fry stations. During her three months working there, Shi Lin was able to work during NYC Restaurant Week, gaining invaluable experience that has guided her in her work to this day.

Shi Lin participated in the C-CAP competitions for both her junior and senior years and felt the experiences were some of the most memorable events in her life. As a junior, she won the Monroe College Boot Camp and Waldorf Astoria Stagiair Experience Awards, and during her senior year she won a $40,000 cash scholarship from the Patrina Foundation through C-CAP. She attended New York City College of Technology, where she gained a wealth of knowledge about the food industry, and became even more intrigued with food itself. She loved learning about how each ingredient—its taste, texture, and more—affects the senses; how various ingredients benefit health; and how a difference in the cooking process can completely shift the outcome of a dish. Shi Lin just graduated with her Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality Management and is excited for her upcoming trails at a few restaurants in New York City, after which she will begin working full time. Her goal is to immerse herself in the world of food, and she strongly believes she has been afforded the tools for an exciting career she is passionate about.

“C-CAP has always given me so many opportunities such as job shadowing, instances to volunteer, financial literacy workshops, and so much more. C-CAP is a blessing and to this day, I am very grateful for the guidance they have provided for me and every C-CAP student out there. I have always wanted to give back to the C-CAP family because they have done so much for me, and I cannot thank them enough.”

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