Ciuanna Evans-Foster

Philadelphia Alum Spotlight

Ciuanna, second from left, at Chef Robert Irvine’s Beats ‘N Eats event

Ciuanna Evans-Foster has been working at R2L under the direction of Executive Chef Daniel Stern for several years. She offered her help at this year’s Job Training in Philadelphia to prepare the next generation of C-CAP students and is actively involved in volunteer opportunities.

Ciuanna attended Delaware County Technical High School Folcroft for two years, and constantly struggled with contemplating whether or not to drop out or to stay in school. Once she heard about C-CAP at her tech school, Ciuanna said that her decision to stay was much easier. She attended many C-CAP events throughout high school and enjoyed networking, learning about culinary, and meeting respected people in the industry.

Ciuanna says that in her time in professional kitchens she has had to overcome being looked down on for being female, young, and not as experienced as some other chefs in the kitchen. However, she has respect for people, is able to accept criticism, is determined, carries herself in a humble way, and says that is why she has come so far in her career. We are excited to see where Ciuanna goes next!

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