It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere…

Over the past decade or so cocktails have certainly picked up the pace. The wine list no longer reigns supreme, the cocktail list is just as sought after. Gone are the days of simply topping up a beverage with soda, and the humdrum wedge of lime just doesn’t cut it out there! (We do enjoy our citrus, however – remember this #CCAPtip?)

Way back in Prohibition era, the liquor could be so bad at times that flavors were needed to mask the taste. These days, however, cocktails can be a work of art in their own right with ever more adventurous ingredients and garnishes being used and glassware adding to the theatre of it all.

Quality is the key here – If ¾ of your G&T is tonic, make sure it’s a good one! Real fruit purees and fresh herbs are a common sight in many great cocktails these days.

Here in NYC, The Skylark and the newly opened BlackTail (the newest hot spot from The Dead Rabbit team) are two great examples of where you’ll find cocktails done right. Spend an evening at BlackTail and you’ll find yourself back in old Havana with highballs, old-fashioneds and sours.  A personal favourite, however, is the Mango Chili Martini at Tao Downtown, which always comes with a warning from the server…



But just how far is the discerning cocktail drinker willing to go? If you find yourself at Fork & Juniper in Atlanta, the rum-and-stout based ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’, inspired by a work of art of the same name, comes garnished with a smoked baby octopus!



I’m game for that, but for the more traditional, maybe that wedge of lime wasn’t such a bad idea after all…

By Guest Blogger, Kieran Cawley, C-CAP’s Events and Marketing Coordinator

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