C-CAP Gets The Munchies

VICE, the magazine and website launched in 1994, has now grown into a sprawling global company operating in 30 countries. Covering a range of topics such as music, technology, politics and fashion from a youth-driven perspective, it seemed only right that they should throw food in to the mix, and they did! Last week MUNCHIES invited a group of C-CAP students to spend the day with the team and explore what it takes to work in a test kitchen.

We began our day up on the roof with Test Kitchen Manager Barry and Farideh, Munchies Culinary Director. We took a walk around the impressive rooftop garden where they grow a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables, all used to experiment within their ‘lab’. Our students picked out the produce they would be working with and headed back indoors to get started on their recipes.

The Test Kitchen serves as a ‘content studio’ and regularly features in Munchies ‘how-to’ episodes. Divided into teams, the students prepared their dishes and were given an insight into the process of testing and writing recipes. Whether it’s figuring out techniques for the crispiest chips, the crunchiest slaw or that secret ingredient to really make your chicken sandwich pop, it takes trial and error to perfect a recipe!

Our test kitchen creations attracted the attention of Vice Co-President James Schwab and John Martin, Munchies Publisher, both of whom joined us for lunch and shared more about Munchies’ mission and the role it plays connecting people with food in the digital age. Our visit opened the students’ eyes to other areas and opportunities within the food industry, and it was inspiring to see just how much fun the team had creating recipes.


Farideh and Barry between them have many years of experience working in restaurant kitchens, which has given them a wealth of knowledge to draw upon when creating content for Munchies. Our visit demonstrated that there is more than just one path to follow if you have a passion for food and gave an exciting insight into where a career in the food service industry can take you…

Take a look at all the photos from our visit to the Munchies test kitchen and check out the recipe links in the comments!

By Guest Blogger, Kieran Cawley, C-CAP’s Events and Marketing Coordinator

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