Los Angeles Food on Wheels: The New “Fast” Food!

In the past few years, food trucks have become a mainstay of the culinary scene across America, but nowhere more so than in Los Angeles. These meals on wheels were born out of the aftermath of the financial crisis when restaurants were closing by the dozen due to their inability to meet high overheads as customers couldn’t partake in fine dining as often as they used to.

Roy Choi, co-founder of gourmet Korean taco truck Kogi, is one of the founders of the food truck movement and is a culinary icon in Los Angeles. YES: he is the one who started TWEETING about where his food truck would be!! And the world followed (Learn more about this LA original here).


Many young chefs are following Chef Choi’s footsteps and opening up food trucks as an entrée into the business, including C-CAP Los Angeles alum Isaiah Rosario, who opened his FryFry Food Truck when he was just sixteen. Known for comfort food favorites like their CrodoughBurger and Carne Asada Fries, FryFry Food Truck is regularly featured in food truck events across the city.


While there are plenty of amazing fine dining options in Los Angeles, the locals flock to our one-of-a-kind food trucks for unique and affordable fast food.

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