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Twenty lucky C-CAP students from Arizona participated in a Culinary Labs Program created by The Dairy Council of Arizona and C-CAP. What is a Culinary Lab Program, you may ask?  It was a wonderful opportunity for C-CAP students to learn about aspects of dairy foods and the importance of dairy in a healthy diet and to see the inner-workings of a local family-run dairy farm.

Students participated in four sessions:  Breakfast Boosts Brain Power; Ahh, the Power of Cheese; Smart Snacking; and Sensational Smoothies, and they created and prepared healthy recipes, ensuring that they met nutritional standards.  They also participated in a Greek Cream Cheese Challenge sponsored by Franklin Foods, the world’s fastest growing cream cheese company, and they had a taste of local agriculture when they toured the dairy farm and creamery at Danzeisen Dairy.

C-CAP Alumni, Nicole Swartz, Luke Cornelius and Jelani Port ran the Culinary Lab Program and provided the students with individualized feedback on recipe development, nutrient analysis, recipe costing, kitchen skills, professional soft skills and classroom nutrition presentation modeling.  All-in-all a great experience for our C-CAP Arizona students and for the C-CAP alumni who led the program.

For a taste of the delicious snacks C-CAP students whipped up with Franklin Foods’ cream cheese, try out these recipes for sweet “Cloud Bites” created by Marisol Anaya of Santa Rita JTED and “Greek Guac” created by Alexia Camacho of Coolidge High School.



By C-CAP Guest Blogger: Jill Lloyd, Director of Development

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