The Number One Reason You Drink Rosé

The results are in…when polled on social media, you reported that you drink rosé because it reminds you of summer. It’s refreshing, it’s pink, and it can be served chilled. Here at C-CAP, we know we’ll be kicking off the summer with rosé from The Drop Wine in NYC on Bar Hugo’s rooftop next Monday.


It’s no surprise that rosé wine sales are growing ten times faster than overall table wine, according to a January 2015 Nielsen report. Shyda Gilmer, COO of New York retailer Sherry-Lehmann, explains that rosé sales have continued to grow by double digits in the last five years and he anticipates the same growth in 2016.

Interestingly, rosé’s supply can, for the most part, meet its growing demand. (Phew!) Unlike a lot of wines, most rosés are meant to be poured the year they are made. This makes it easier for wine makers and distributors to stay current with its increasing popularity.

If you want to learn about this delightful, pink beverage and how it’s made, look to Wine Folly for a concise, easy to understand summary.

As Eric Asimov reminded us in his New York Times column last week: “As usual, serve chilled but not ice-cold. And try not to track sand into the house.” Cheers to that!

Stay tuned…

By Guest Blogger, Amy Wickstein, Development Manager

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