Team USA vs. Team UK: The Breakfast Battle

Things are getting competitive here at C-CAP H.Q. To mark National Culinary Arts Month, we’ve been sharing our culinary tips with you daily across our social channels. Now, half way through the month, we’ve decided to step things up a gear – with a cook-off!

In the ring we have our Operations Manager Eliza, and our Events and Marketing Coordinator Kieran, tasked with cooking the best breakfast. While Eliza hails from New Hampshire, Kieran started out life in Manchester, England. This is more than just a cook-off; this is Team USA Vs. Team UK! Who will prevail?

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The Dish

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Kieran: When it comes to a winning breakfast there can only be one option – the ‘Full English.”

This isn’t an everyday day breakfast; well not if you want to watch your waistline, but it’s a weekend treat for sure! I’ll be rustling up sausage, egg, and bacon with a fried tomato, toast and the hero of the dish… homemade ‘British’ baked beans!

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Eliza: As a New Yorker, it’s hard to admit we don’t have it all, but when it comes to a true American Breakfast, I had to look to the south. I went with the age-old classic of Johnny Cakes with soft scrambled eggs, thick-cut bacon, and a maple jalapeño butter to top it all off.

First Impressions

Kieran: Whoa, jalapeños first thing in the morning!?

Us Brits prefer to start the day with a cup of tea & toast so I’m not really sure about laying on the heat this early in the morning…

And what is it with you guys putting syrup on everything?

Eliza: Baked beans and tomatoes? Not really my ‘cup of tea’ as the Brits would put it. When he mentioned sausage, I couldn’t get the image of a blood sausage out of my head all day!

How Did It Taste?

Kieran: I hate to admit it, but that’s pretty good! The maple jalapeño butter is actually my favorite part; it gives a nice little kick to the eggs. I’m a convert!

I’d say my beans win over the American variety every time though. Unlike the sweet BBQ flavor I find over here, these beans have a lovely rich tomato sauce and are guilt free – no sugar in sight!

Eliza: Turns out I’ve never had proper baked beans. Those were actually the best part of the meal!

I’m a sucker for anything with corn, so a corn cake with crispy edges is always a great way to start. The bacon adds the salt and the fat while the eggs add a smooth texture and the jalapeño maple butter brought it to the next level!

So Who Won? 

Well, that’s up to you! Head over to our Instagram page to vote for your favorite dish!

Do you want to taste Eliza’s Johnny Cakes with jalapeño maple butter? Or see what all the fuss is about Kieran’s baked beans? Find the recipes for both on our Facebook page now!

By Guest Bloggers Kieran Cawley and Eliza Loehr

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