Coffee-inspired Father’s Day Ideas

Not all dads are built the same, but if they’re anything like mine the one constant that I know he wouldn’t dare live without is a cup of joe first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Coffee is essential for many of us, and because of its constant unassuming presence in our lives, it’s often taken for granted. In a similar and more slightly serious way, so are our dads and father-figures. This week we’ve come up with a few ideas for celebrating the father in your life and have curated some delicious menus to boot.

Relaxing Day at Home or Pack Special Snacks For a Hike

For families with small tots at home, you might prefer to spend the morning horseplaying and building sandwiches in between building forts. If you want to enjoy a low key day at home or walk to a nearby park for a picnic, set up the ingredients a day or two before for a simple, yet delectable lunch and be flexible for what the day has in store. If your pops is more active and loves to hang out in the great outdoors, in addition to sandwiches he’s sure to appreciate some elevated trail snacks on a scenic hike.

Coffee-Centric Tropical Getaway

Coffee might not be the first thing you think of when dreaming about island life, but the best beans come from beautiful, faraway places. Why not create a tropical getaway for your dad with a protein-packed feast worthy of an oceanside bungalow? Who would’ve thought seafood and coffee would be such a complementary pair?

Grilling in the Backyard with Dad

If your dad meets all manly stereotypes like needing to fire up the grill and consuming spicy peppers, look no further for a quintessential feast fit for your favorite guy. All the best things about summer are packed into this decadent meal: outdoor grilling, ice cream, beer, and hanging with Dad.


Whether your dad’s ideal day involves hitting the trail, modeling hammock life in the tropics, or constructing the perfect char, have fun trying a new spin on all his favorite things by highlighting the dark and delicious element of coffee.

Happy Father’s Day to all!


By Guest Blogger Kimberly Conchada, Scholarships & Operations Associate at C-CAP

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