Ghetto Gastro “Food for the Soul” Recipe Contest

C-CAP New York partnered with the Alumni-cofounded culinary collective Ghetto Gastro on a recipe contest called Food for the Soul!  Each C-CAP student who entered created a recipe that spoke to their identity, culture, and view on the world, and incorporated a kitchen appliance from Ghetto Gastro’s new line from CruxGG.⁠

The student entries were very impressive! The Ghetto Gastro Team picked a winning student and a runner-up, who will receive the kitchen piece incorporated in their recipe as a prize. ⁠The winning student’s culinary instructor and culinary classroom will each receive a kitchen appliance as well!

Here are all of the recipes
the recipe entries. First Place Winner: “Fancy Magu” followed by the Runner-up: Spasian Wings w/ Sweet & Smoky Smashed Fries. Thank you to the incredible C-CAP New York students who poured their heart and soul into this contest, and to Ghetto Gastro for their support! 

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