National Junior Board

The C-CAP Junior Board is a dynamic group of young professionals who promote C-CAP’s fundraising efforts and help raise its visibility in the community. The Junior Board meets regularly and has exclusive events throughout the year. E-mail for more information.

Samantha Kaczmarek, Co-Chair
Ashton McLeod, Co-Chair
Benjamin Davison, Co-Vice Chair
Katherine Milgram, Co-Vice Chair
Michael Lewin, Treasurer
Eleanna Antoniou, Membership Chair

Terri Bullock
Ashleigh Burns
Savinien Caracostea
Teresa Chan
Sarah Entwistle
Jordon Ferber
Jennifer Grausman
Sarah Gray
Kelsey Knickerbocker
Lindsay Kriger Kestenbaum
John Lancione
Alexandra Leavenworth
Nicole Leavenworth
Alexandra McCormack
Kimberly Miller
Maddy Moelis
Patrick Schepis
Cecily Shattan
William Stern
Brittany Wengel
Mariel Zelhart
Deborah Grausman, Ex Officio, Liaison to the Board of Directors