National Contact Info:
33 West 60th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10023
Main: (212) 974-7111
Fax: (212) 974-7117

Tanya Steel
Executive Director
(646) 790-4504
Tanya oversees strategic development at C-CAP, in an effort to help make C-CAP’s future ever brighter. She works with sponsors, donors and partners as well as C-CAP’s Board of Directors.

Jennifer Solomon
Chief Operating Officer
(646) 790-4509
Jennifer oversees financial and development operations at C-CAP. She works with the Executive Director on C-CAP’s development, manages the finance team, and works with C-CAP’s Board of Directors.

Christine Lee
Director of Program Development & Implementation
(646) 790-4508
Christine contributes to C-CAP’s mission to empower youth through culinary arts by developing career-readiness programs to increase our reach in our six locations. She seeks to build lasting partnerships to better serve our community of students and alumni.

Natalie Guzman Patricio
Social Media Coordinator
(646) 790-4513
Natalie handles C-CAP’s social media for the national C-CAP brand profile. She also designs digital material for use in all locations.

Katie Lane
Operations Manager
(646) 790-4514
Katie oversees operational strategy for C-CAP, works with institutional scholarship partners, and liaises with the Board of Directors.

Pam Marino
Accounting Clerk
(646) 790-4510
Pam works closely with the Chief Administrative Officer and Accounting Consultant on C-CAP’s accounting and finances.




Jill Smith
Program Director
(623) 606-6213
Jill Smith directs and facilitates the state-wide Arizona program and develops relationships in our communities.

Jelani Port
Culinary Coordinator
(212) 974-7111
Jelani is a C-CAP alum from 2009 who now works with our current student population on culinary skills training, alumni relations, and competition processes.

1440 W. Taylor Street, #411
Chicago, IL 60607

Anthony McPhee
Program Director
(212) 974-7111
Anthony assists with creating, developing, and identifying culinary education-focused programs in the Chicago region. He also supports and increases engagement of C-CAP’s constituents, while growing external relationships with industry and education partners.

521 E. Green St. Suite M219
Pasadena, CA 91101

Lisa Fontanesi
Program Director
(323) 371-9269
Lisa manages the day-to-day programming of C-CAP’s Los Angeles program, working with students, teachers, administrators, chefs, foundations, and supporters to make sure the program runs smoothly and continues to grow.

Gail Carney
Culinary Coordinator
(805) 630-9948
Gail works with LA students, teachers and alumni and oversees the coordination of culinary-related programs along with managing the administrative activities to support the Los Angeles program.

Lorri Wressell
Career Advisor and Event Planner
(310) 567-2481
Lorri comes with 25 years of catering experience and wrangles our Los Angeles program participating chefs who mentor, hire, and support our students and alumni in the Los Angeles area.

PO Box 918
New York, NY 10116
(212) 974-7111

Tristan Shippen
Career Development Coordinator
(646) 790-4511
Tristan works with our New York City students, industry professionals, post secondary partners and teachers to coordinate our culinary programs and annual cooking competition for scholarships.

Than Htut Phoo
Program Coordinator
(646) 790-4505
Than works with our New York City teachers, and students, as well as collaborates with post secondary and industry partners to facilitate Culinary College readiness, financial aid education and culinary career empowerment.

P.O. Box 28805
Philadelphia, PA 19151
Fax: (732) 654-8154

Alyssa Termini
Program Director
Alyssa works with Philadelphia students, alumni, and teachers, creating and executing culinary programs related to career readiness, teacher professional development, and industry exposure.

Monica Glass
Program Coordinator
Monica works with Philadelphia students and teachers, linking them from the classroom to the industry.


P.O. Box 1243
Brandywine, MD 20613
Fax: (301) 782-4361

Yvette Williams
Program Director
(240) 691-9125
Yvette mentors, nurtures, and educates C-CAP students in the Washington, D.C. region, as well as working with teachers, local chefs, and supporters.

Troy Williams
Chef Coordinator
(240) 508-7459
Chef Troy instructs, mentors and nurtures C-CAP students in the Washington, D.C. region, as well as working with local chefs, teachers, food purveyors and supporters.