In this season of giving (and of eating!), we’ve rounded up a full menu of holiday recipes from some of our supporting chefs and C-CAP alumni.
Join these chefs and alumni to ensure that every C-CAP student around the nation has the skills, tools and mentorship they need to make it in the culinary world.


For Starters


#WhyIGive: “The program is a huge benefit to the growing market and chefs looking for skilled and motivated talent.” – Marcus Samuelsson



#WhyIGive: “C-CAP has touched so many young people’s lives in a meaningful way.” – Lidia Bastianich

On the Side


#WhyIGive:“Every time I hire a C-CAP graduate, I know I’m getting a well-trained, hardworking cook with a great attitude.” – Rick Bayless



#WhyIGive:“The kids were fantastic!!! We love doing the little bit that we do, the kids are inspirational…” – Susan Feniger



#WhyIGive: “Graduates of C-CAP’s programs understand the importance of mentorship, especially as they rise within the kitchen. They’re fantastic leaders and fantastic team players.” – Mary-Sue Milliken



#WhyIGive: “It gives me great pleasure to see C-CAP graduates now making it to the top of their careers as executive chefs and owners.” – Jacques Pépin




#WhyIGive: “C-CAP is invaluable for those who have no means to find a craft. With this program, they have access to some of the best training in the country.” – Daniel Boulud


#WhyIGive:“C-CAP not only gives them a gateway into the culinary world, but gives them the tools, knowledge and skills to succeed.” – Silvana Esparza



#WhyIGive: “Mentors played a crucial role in my professional and personal life, so it is such a pleasure to now give back and guide young cooks the way my mentors helped me.” – Yvan Lemoine, C-CAP Alum




#WhyIGive: “Having worked with many young employees, I find C-CAP students to be above the rest. They always exhibit a great work ethic, positive attitude and strong foundational skills.” – Peter Scarola


#WhyIGive: “I succeed today because C-CAP gave me great early training and experiences in the kitchen.” – Mame Sow, C-CAP Alum


#WhyIGive: “When I look back on my career it has been the people from C-CAP that have impacted me the most, and I am thankful for that.” – Patrice Vassell, C-CAP Alum



#WhyIGive: “I am so proud to have been a part of this organization for almost 14 years, and I will continue to do everything I can to brighten the future of the next generation of chefs.” – Sherry Yard




#WhyIGive:“C-CAP does so much more than help these young ones find their footing in the culinary world (which is so valuable in and of itself); they help them feel like there are people rooting for them, cheering them on to their purpose in life. That is a precious treasure. You can see it in their eyes, how excited they are that people are excited for them! It took me years to figure out where I fit in. I sure could have used C-CAP in my life!” – Aarti Sequeria


#WhyIGive: “It’s refreshing to see how dedicated C-CAP students are to their education and how passionate they are about their craft. C-CAP has a profound impact on these young people’s lives, and they are sure to become the food service industry’s next great leaders.” – Richard Sandoval


#WhyIGive: “It’s my pleasure to partner with, and lend my support to C-CAP!  It’s really an honor to be involved with the organization, as you stand for and promote so many values I believe in!” – Maria Loi