2020 C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships

We have some wonderful news! On April 16th, we awarded $2,643,915 in scholarships to 130 students across the country. These incredible high schoolers earned these scholarships by preparing all academic year for their regional C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships this spring. Five C-CAP locations were unable to host the final, so these students were awarded scholarships based on a combination of their preliminary scores and applications. Congrats to these rising graduates!

These are the scholarship numbers broken down by location:

  • Arizona
    • Scholarship Recipients: 28
    • Amount Received: $470,309
  • Chicago
    • Scholarship Recipients: 10
    • Amount Received:$225,756
  • Los Angeles Region
    • Scholarship Recipients: 34
    • Amount Received: $430,131
  • New York
    • Scholarship Recipients: 24
    • Amount Received:$841,643
  • Philadelphia Region
    • Scholarship Recipients: 15
    • Amount Received:$316,968
  • Washington D.C. Region
    • Scholarship Recipients: 20
    • Amount Received: $359,107

Student Scholarship Celebration Videos from some of our Regional Locations:

A big thank you to the schools and sponsors who have contributed to our student scholarships! This eases the financial burden of today’s rising adults and supports their journey towards a bright future.


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