C-CAP High School Students

Are you currently enrolled in a C-CAP participating high school culinary program? If so, then you are a C-CAP student!  Not sure if your school is a participant in C-CAP? Visit our FAQ page.

Want to find out about what upcoming C-CAP programs are available to you? Speak to your culinary teacher or contact your local C-CAP coordinator.

Alumni Profiles

Read about what fellow C-CAP graduates are up to in these Alumni Profiles.

Are you currently looking for a job? Check out our Job Board powered by Culinary Agents!

C-CAP Connect

Join C-CAP Connect! It was launched by our founder, Richard Grausman, and links our alumni, teachers, and industry professionals to one another.

What does C-CAP Connect do?⁠⠀

    • Connect with alums around the world⁠⠀
    • Provide and receive mentoring from industry professionals⁠⠀
    • Expand your professional network⁠⠀
    • Be part of local events around the country⁠⠀
    • Post or apply for a job⁠⠀
    • and much more…!⁠⠀

Your profile allows you to share what you’re currently doing, what you want to do, common interests, education, and mentorship. Don’t forget to upload your profile picture, and browse our albums. You might even have some photos to add to the site. It is important that you fill out your profile as completely as possible!⁠